Pacific Coast

The trip.

Después del bello cartel que diseñó para nuestro séptimo aniversario, Marc comparte algunos de sus pensamientos y fotografías acerca de lo que significó su roadtrip por Estados Unidos.

We thought of a lot of things. We drown ourselves in questions and answers about love, life, friendship and future. A lot. We laughed, we danced, we got sad. We ran, we got high, we escaped.

Freedom. I never felt so free before. The possibilities were endless. We did all and we didn’t mind, it didn’t matter. We were, independently.

Exploring in the promised land. The landscape spoke for itself. British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona.

A fucking precious and fragile bubble wandering around, without direction. Lost, to be able to look honestly. Altruist love, people showing affection, people trying, people helping, people sharing, people sad enough to be happy. That we were looking for.

Behind the camera I was trying to find the connection between us, as a group, and with the landscape around each of us. Different moods and different scenarios lead to a variety of portraits and framed landscapes that picture every moment we lived there. I have chosen 16 pictures among all we took, and I’m still not convinced I have chosen the right ones.

Hope you are able to get yourself inside the moment that was captured in every photo and that you find that inspiring, amusing or worth your online time.

A dusty and sincere hug.